EUropean Games of Integrated Fencing

3 – 9 September 2018 Jesi (An) – Italy

The EUropean Games of Integrated Fencing are a European-wide Fencing Event, which will take place in the City of Jesi (Italy) from the 3rd to the 9th of September 2018, involving able-bodied and disabled young athletes coming from 13 European countries, who will compete in mixed teams to valorise the concept of integrated sport, along with seminars and educational school campus to promote social inclusion, equal opportunities and increased participation in, and equal access to, sport for all.

Last News

Jesi says goodbye to the Eugif champions

The award ceremony of winners in Piazza Federico II, in a city center crowded with thousands of people for the Bright Blue Night of Sport, concluded this first edition of the European Games of Integrated Fencing. From 3 to 9 September, Jesi was the European capital of the values ​​of social inclusion and sport. A...
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An unstoppable Bebe Vio wins at the Eugif of Jesi

She did not disappoint the expectations of the many supporters who have followed her in these days. The Paralympic champion Bebe Vio won the first place in the women’s foil at the European Games of integrated fencing which ended this afternoon at the sports arena Ezio Triccoli. With a score of 15 – 9 in...
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“If it seems impossible you can do it” The lesson of Bebe Vio and Paralympic athletes excites Jesi

The stories of life “beyond the barriers” of the Paralympic athletes have impressed and surprised Jesi. Palazzo dei Convegni crowded on Friday afternoon for the third and last workshop of the Eugif programme. The foil champion Beatrice “Bebe” Vio, the diving coach for disabled Romeo Iannone, Sabina Schiavoni and her daughter Bianca Marini, gold medal...
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Winners and results of the first day of competitions

The Eugif have their first champions. At the end of the first day of competitions the winners are the Italians Andreea Mogos (women’s sabre), Emanuele Lambertini (men’s foil) and Rosanna Pasquino(women’s epee). The German Tiziano Spedicato is the winner in the U18 foil’s category. At the sports arena Ezio Triccoli of Jesi it was a...
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Eugif are ready to sink the sword, competition will start on Friday

Fencers ready to attack, Friday and Saturday the competitions of the European Games of Integated Fencing will be held at PalaTriccoli. Sports arena will be open to the public from 9 am to attend the tournament that will see able-bodied and disabled athletes from all over Europe to compete divided into three weapons (Foil, Epee...
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Jesi embraces the European Games of Integrated Fencing, the athletes descend from the platforms to bring the Eugif along the streets

Day one of the European Games of Integrated Fencing, the hundred athletes from all over Europe and the Italian Paralympics team animated the opening ceremony on Tuesday evening with the colorful parade along the streets of the center. The international delegations moved on parade from Corso Matteotti, accompanied by the municipal band and the flag-wavers...
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Sending Partners

Avitohol Fencing Club

Croatina Fencing Federation

National Paralympic Committee

Fédération Française Handisport

Deutscher Behindertensportverband e.V

– British Fencing for Able Body
– British Disabled Fencing Association for Wheelchair Fencers

– Hellenic Fencing Federation
– Hellenic Sports Federation For Persons with Disabilities

Federazione Italiana Scherma

Integracyjny Klub Sportowy AWF

Federatia Romana de Scrima

Federación Española de Deportes de Personas con Discapacidad Física

Swenska Faktforbundet

Hungarian Wheelchair Fencing


The European Games of Integrated Fencing project intends to support, enhance and promote the fundamental role sport can play for young people and people with disabilities with regard to integration, social inclusion and personal development, with the aim of creating more integrated and cohesive societies. With this purpose in mind, the project aims at organizing a major sport event of integrated fencing involving able-bodied and disabled young athletes coming from 13 European countries, who will compete in mixed teams to valorise the concept of integrated sport, and developing parallel educational and informational activities to raise awareness of the value of sport and physical activity in promoting health, well-being and social and cultural inclusion. In this perspective, the EU.GIF project fosters the achievement of the “Not-for-Profit European event” priority “Social inclusion through sport”, in the framework of the ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME 2014 – 2020.

Jesi City of Champions

Jesi, the city of fencing par excellence, former European City of Sport 2014, becomes the stage of the European Games of Integrated Fencing in September 2018. Sacred place of Italian sport and in particular of fencing, this city has a world trademark built by Olympic champions such as Valentina Vezzali, Giovanna Trillini, Elisa Di Francisca, Stefano Cerioni. The competitions will take place at the Palazzetto dello Sport, a sports arena of Jesi, dedicated to Ezio Triccoli, founder of the Jesi Fencing Club and important fencing master, which has already hosted major events in sport and has a total capacity for about 4000 spectators.

How to reach us

By car
A14 Ancona Nord

By train
Ancona Centrale – Jesi

By plane
Aeroporto F. Marittima “Raffaello Sanzio”
Aeroporto Bologna “Marconi”


4th september
h 9.30-12.30 / 14.30-17.00
Palasport “E. Triccoli”
Training session
h 17.30
Palazzo dei Convegni
Workshop “If Sport Makes Europe”
h 21.30
Piazza della Repubblica
EUGIF Opening Ceremony

5th september
h 9.00-12.30/14.30-17.00
Palasport “E. Triccoli”
Training session
h 17.30
Palazzo dei Convegni
Workshop “Sport and Economy: a perfect duo”

6th september
h 9.00-12.30
Palasport “E. Triccoli”
Training session
h 17.00
Jesi old town
Museums Visits

7th september
h 9.00-16.15 Palasport “E. Triccoli”
Women’s Epee
Men’s Foil
Women’s Sabre
h 18.00
Monnighette square
Workshop “Sport and disability: going beyond barriers”
h 21.00
Federico II square
Music Concert “Giro d’Italia”

8th september
h 9.00-17.45 Palasport “E. Triccoli”
Men’s Epee
Women’s Foil
Men’s Sabre
h 17.30
Jesi old town
Bright Blue Night
h 21.30
Federico II square
EUGIF Awarding Ceremony

9th september
from 9.30
Palasport “E. Triccoli”
“Bikes in the City”; “Horses in the City”; “Walking Soccer”
h 15.00
11^ Montesecco Walk
from 16.00
Playground (kids 3–6 y.o.)