European games of integrated fencing officially start, the project dedicated to sport, disability and social inclusion take off

The initiative to open the great EU.GIF project, acronym for “European Games of Integrated Fencing”, could not but be held at the Jesi Palascherma. First appointment for the project focused on sport as a factor of social inclusion, for which the Municipality of Jesi was the winner of a call for European funding.

The so-called “kick off conference” took place on Saturday 21st April in the gymnasium spaces of via Solazzi, where the champions of Italian and world fencing have grown sporting, themselves present as prestigious witnesses at the baptism of the project. In addition to the olympic foils Stefano Cerioni, Giovanna Trillini, Valentina Vezzali and Elisa Di Francisca, also intervened representatives of national sports institutions such as Luca Pancalli, President of the Italian Paralympic Committee, Giorgio Scarso, President of the National Fencing Federation (Fis), Fabio Luna, President of the CONI Marche, as well as representatives of the academic world as Fulvio Cammarano and Nicola Sbetti of the University of Bologna (the latter among the major Italian sports historians) who have deepened the themes at the center of the actions planned by the project, which will come alive in the first ten days of September.

During a lively and interesting round table moderated and conducted by the sports journalist Andrea Carloni, the speakers touched on various topics all related to the central themes of the project as the contribution that sport can offer in strengthening social inclusion, equal opportunities, integration, awareness of the importance of physical activity, the ever closer relationship between sport and disability both at national and European level and least but not last, the new and very seductive theme of sport as a possible motor and a catalyst for political integration among the member states of the European Union, as the defining factor, ultimately, of a European “nation-building” process.

To do the honors, the Mayor of Jesi Massimo Bacci, who reiterated the proud awareness of the city and Jesi sports clubs, forge of many champions in fencing and beyond, to represent one of the European laboratories of construction of new paths of integration social action aimed at overcoming disability and differences through moments of aggregation and simultaneous participation in sports practice, this theme also strongly confirmed by President Pancalli in his applauded speech. The Kick-Off Conference ended with the signing of the act of setting up the EU.GIF Project Management Committee by the institutional partners: Municipality of Jesi, Marche Region, Italian Fencing Federation, CONI, CIP, the Club Scherma Jesi, ANFFAS and UISP.