An exhibition about the history of Jesi’s fencing

A great exhibition about the history of Jesi’s fencing will be promoted in september in the framework of the project “European Games of Integrated Fencing” (EUGIF).

The initiative taken by the Municipality of Jesi has the support of two important partners: Foundation Pergolesi Spontini, which will attend the entire preparation of the exhibition, and Circolo Massimo Ferretti, which will be responsible of retrieving and selecting the photographic material.

From master Ezio Triccoli to nowadays, the exhibition will retrace the steps of the Jesi Fencing Club – which will open for the occasion his prestigious archives – and the history of many athletes that have been part of the club, with a large selection obviously dedicated to the Olympic champions Stefano Cerioni, Giovanna Trillini, Valentina Vezzali and Elisa Di Francisca.

The exhibition will be open through the entire month of september, will be held at Palazzo dei Convegni, in the central Corso Matteotti.

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