Countdown to Eugif, in September Jesi will challenge every barrier

European Games of Integrated Fencing are approaching, from 3 to 9 September the city of Jesi will be the European capital of sporting values and social inclusion. Over 100 young able-bodied and disabled athletes from 13 European countries will compete at the Ezio Triccoli Palasport in mixed teams, to enhance the concept of integrated sports and will have the opportunity to train with the Italian Paralympics champions. The entire week of the Eugif will be accompanied by seminars with prominent speakers from the sport, economy, European policies and educational school campuses to promote equal access to sport for all. During the entire month of September, at Palazzo Convegni will be held the exhibition “Fencing Experience” on the glorious history of the Jesi’s fencing club with unpublished historical material exhibited by the cultural club Ferretti.

A week of emotions that will be officially inaugurated on Tuesday 4 September at 9 pm with the parade of international guests and blue athletes from the Appannaggio’s courtyard to Piazza della Repubblica.

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