Jesi embraces the European Games of Integrated Fencing, the athletes descend from the platforms to bring the Eugif along the streets

Day one of the European Games of Integrated Fencing, the hundred athletes from all over Europe and the Italian Paralympics team animated the opening ceremony on Tuesday evening with the colorful parade along the streets of the center. The international delegations moved on parade from Corso Matteotti, accompanied by the municipal band and the flag-wavers of the Palio di San Floriano, to Piazza della Repubblica, where the fencers received the greetings of the authorities.

he athletes were greeted by the mayor of Jesi Massimo Bacci, by the deputy mayor Luca Butini, the councilor for sport Ugo Coltorti, by Fabio Sturani for the Marche Region and by representatives of Coni and Cip, Domenico Ubaldi and Roberto Novelli. “Your presence here writes a new chapter in the extraordinary history of Jesi fencing” said Coltorti.

On Tuesday, the athletes held their first training session with the Italian national team led by Bebe Vio, in view of the tournament that will take place on Friday and Saturday morning. Able-bodied and disabled will compete together on an equal footing in this original and unique international sporting event.

Eugif is not just a competition, but a week of insights and debates with the key to reading the sport. On Tuesday afternoon, the first workshop titled “If Sport makes Europe” was held at the Palazzo dei Convegni. The MEP Silvia Costa, the manager of Coni Marco Arpino, the champions Valentina Vezzali and Elisa Di Francisca, together with the professors of the University of Bologna Fulvio Cammarano and Nicola Sbetti have questioned the use of sport as a language, more than economy, to talk to citizens and respond to the crisis of European identity. The professor. Cammarano recalled how sport is Europe’s strongest identity engine in peacetime, more than the single currency. The MEP Silvia Costa greeted the Eugifs as “a project that launches a very strong message, and will not stop here”, ensuring its full support for every sporting initiative that reinforces European cohesion. According to Arpino you can already start by renewing the European week of sport, with projects and activities shared by the national states. Professor. Sbetti relaunched the dream of a national European team deployed in international competitions, starting from fencing. But to give the idea of ​​the conference was especially the gesture of Elisa Di Francisca in 2016, when she became the first athlete to get on the podium of the Olympics with a European. “It did not want to be a political gesture, but a sign of union in the days following the London terrorist attack” Di Francisca explained. A gesture also applauded by the friend – rival Valentina Vezzali. “One day we will feel European also in sport and we will say thanks to Elisa’s gesture. I would have expected the institutions to take this opportunity. As we learned Mameli’s hymn, let’s make our children learn the European anthem.”

Wednesday 5 September, the second meeting will be held at 5.30 pm at Palazzo dei Convegni. Sport as a business for development is at the center of the workshop that will see the speeches by the director of the Udinese Football Club Academy Maurizio Franzone, Valerio Temperini professor of the Polytechnic University of the Marche, Andrea Cardinaletti, president of the foundation named after his brother Gabriele which promotes integration in sport and beyond, Daniele Crognaletti president dell’Esitur and Patrizia Sopranzi, manager of the Marche Region. To moderate the meeting Marco Cardinaletti, administrator of Eurocube and project manager of the Eugif.

September 7th the most exciting moment of Eugif, with the public meeting at 6.30 pm in Piazza delle Monnighette with the athletes. The champion of foil Bebe Vio, the swimmer Francesca Kosinska and the delegate Fispes Sabina Schiavoni, mother of Paralympic athletes, will tell their experiences of life “beyond the barriers”.

Grand final Saturday, September 8 at 21.30 with the awards ceremony in piazza Federico II.

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