Eugif are ready to sink the sword, competition will start on Friday

Fencers ready to attack, Friday and Saturday the competitions of the European Games of Integated Fencing will be held at PalaTriccoli. Sports arena will be open to the public from 9 am to attend the tournament that will see able-bodied and disabled athletes from all over Europe to compete divided into three weapons (Foil, Epee and Saber) together with the Italian Paralympic national team, without distinction of nationality. Friday afternoon from 6.00 pm in Piazza delle Monnighette in Jesi there will be another exciting moment of the Eugif: the athletes will tell their stories of life “beyond the barriers”. Speakers include the delegate Fispes and mother of disabled athletes Sabina Schiavoni, the paralympic swimmer Francesca Kosinska, the foil champion Bebe Vio, the coach Romeo Iannone.

Wednesday afternoon has been dedicated to the workshop on sport and economics. Tourism, savings on health spending, services and products, sport is a true business that generates economy. At the table of the Eugif speakers looked for a common strategy of development focused on sport. the Marche Region executive of the Innovation service Patrizia Sopranzi, the researcher of the Polytechnic University of Marche Valerio Temperini, the president of the Cardinaletti foundation, Andrea Cardinaletti, the person in charge of Udinese Soccer Club Academy Maurizio Franzone, President Esitur Daniele Crognaletti in the meeting moderated by Eurocube project manager Marco Cardinaletti. Temperini invited companies and public bodies to have a “data culture” in order to accurately estimate the economic effects of sport. Footwear and sportswear, carbon fiber wheelchairs, food, Sopranzi has brought some examples of innovative companies born in the Marche thanks to the leverage of Sport. Crognaletti told the experience of his boot camp related to fencing, athletics and taekwondo: started with 10 members, in 6 years they arrived at 3,800 participants, generating economy for local tourism. The need for an entrepreneurial mentality in the management of the sports offer was also mentioned by Andrea Cardinaletti at a time when “sport lacked the resources of patronage or political power”. Doing business with the sport that has been applied in the experience of Udinese Calcio explained by Franzone. A business model, from sponsors to the academies for the discovery of young talents, which is worth 22% of the entire company budget of the Serie A team.

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