Jesi says goodbye to the Eugif champions

The award ceremony of winners in Piazza Federico II, in a city center crowded with thousands of people for the Bright Blue Night of Sport, concluded this first edition of the European Games of Integrated Fencing. From 3 to 9 September, Jesi was the European capital of the values ​​of social inclusion and sport. A heritage not to be lost and a work to be continued in the next edition of the Games, as the mayor Massimo Bacci wished during the closing ceremony on Saturday 8 September.
Three workshops with important speakers discussed the issues of European identity, economic development and life stories of disabled athletes, putting sports activity at the center of the discussion.
But the Eugif were also a challenging competition with 130 athletes from 13 European countries competing together. A notable technical level, not only for the presence of the Italian Paralympic national team with the champions Bebe Vio, Edoardo Giordan, Andrea Pellegrini, Marco Cima or Andreea Mogos among others, but also for the quality of the fencers who responded to the call of the Eugifs like the silver medal at the 2004 Olympics, the Hungarian Zsolt Nemcsik, or the Paralympic sports champion, the French Cyril Moré, just to name a few. Champions with disabilities and able-bodied for the first time have trained and competed on an equal footing in a unique and unprecedented tournament that has ignited the passion of the public.
The numbers of the Eugif official Facebook page are a demonstration: from August 12 to September 8, the 41 posts that told the moments of the Eugif were seen by 51.4 thousand users and received 24.9 thousand interactions between comments, sharing and reactions . The same extensive coverage was given by national and local media.
So many emotions concentrated in just one week that will remain the prize to all the participants in these Eugif.

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