Social and Cultural Events

Guided tour of the Old Town
The historic centre of Jesi consists of two, contiguos and historically well-defined parts, the ancient and Roman-Medieval nucleus, where the Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen was born in a square (now dedicated to him) and another part which grew up between the 1400s and the mid-1700s called “il Corso”(the High Street).

Archeological Museum
Situated in the former stables of Palazzo Pianetti (XVIII century) the archeological museum houses findings from the city of Jesi and the nearby area. The collection is exhibited in a chronological order and divided in three sections: respectively Prehistory, Protohistory and the Roman age.

Museum Federico II Stupor Mundi
A journey back in time to meet Federico II of Svevia, born in Jesi on December 26, 1194. Located in the historical Palazzo Ghislieri, the museum offers a multimedia and multisensory tour to live “the story which changed history”.

Palazzo Bisaccioni Museum
In the palace rooms (XVI century) several ancient, modern and contemporary artworks are shown. Other interesting features of the palace are: the Library, the Historical Archive, and the Caveau with an exhibition of the Italian Lira.

Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) – Italian Songbook
“The bicycle is the history of our country. An Italian tour in music, to remember Michele Scarponi”. “Têtes de Bois”; voice Andrea Satta; bass, double bass and computer Carlo Amato; piano and keyboards Angelo Pelini; trumpet Luca De Carlo; with Marco Pastonesi and the participation of Sergio Staino.

Sport Event “Bright Blue Night”
About 40 sports clubs operating in over 25 different disciplines meet the city with shows, demonstrations and activities free for everyone: playgrounds and information points will be set up to explain and give examples of how sport is practiced. Everyone is invited to get involved.

Photo Exhibition “A Cutting Edge Story”
An exhibition itinerary through the protagonists and the victories that have marked the Jesi fencing history. An opportunity to cover the most important stages of this sport, which arrived in the city by the will of Ezio Triccoli, that has been able to step up Jesi several times on the podium.