Social and Cultural Events

Guided tour of the Old Town
The historic centre of Jesi consists of two, contiguos and historically well-defined parts, the ancient and Roman-Medieval nucleus, where the Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen was born in a square now dedicated to him and an other part, which grew up between the 1400s and the mid-1700s. This latter part, called “il Corso” (the High Street) today it is the most important commercial artery of the historic centre and a popular promenade.

Guided tour of the Frederick II Museum and Palazzo Bisaccioni Museum in Jesi
The visit will begin at “Stupor Mundi Museum”, an innovative and multimedial museum dedicated to the Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen which will be open in Summer 2017. The second part of the tour will be a visit to the Palazzo Bisaccioni Museum. The rooms of the Palazzo, built in the 16th century, exhibits numerous works of ancient, modern and contemporary art and an exhibition of lira banknotes and coins minted by the Constituent assembly until the introduction of the euro.

Guided tour of the National Tactile Museum Omero placed in Ancona (www.museoomero.it)
It is one of the few tactile museums in the world, representing an innovative and pleasant space in which to learn the art through the perspective of the hands. The museum is created to promote the integration of people with visual impairment, by making accessible and tactilely usable a collection of famous sculpture copies, made in plaster and resin, from Classical Greece to the early twentieth century.