“Sport, Ethics and Integrity”
The concept of sports integrity refers on the one hand to the positive values that sport conveys and embodies, such as fair play, solidarity or team spirit, while on the other it is associated with the integrity of sporting competitions and with illicit practices such as doping, match-fixing, illegal betting, etc. In line with the objectives of the project aimed at the promotion of sport as a mean to improve the quality of life, the purpose of the seminar is to draw the attention of all those who approach sporting activity and/or in various ways operate in the sports sector, on the need to promote good governance, respect for ethical and moral values as well as mental and physical integrity of individuals, both at amateur and professional level.

“Sport and Healthy Lifestyles”
The physical and sport activity plays a pivotal role in the health of a person, in particular in young people, acquiring a central importance for the physical, psychological and social wellness of the individual. The seminar aims to promote the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits to prevent the occurrence of some of the most common diseases, maintain a healthy weight and improve physical and mental wellbeing.

“Sport and Social Inclusion”
The fight against racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport is a priority since sport needs to continue to fulfil its social and educational function, and of promotion of equality and inclusion values. The seminar will explore the importance of promoting the value of sport as a means of promoting social inclusion, overcoming social and physical barriers and creating aggregation even in difficult contexts, illustrating the positive experiences of integration in some sports and presenting the commitment/engagement of the associations and sports organizations in this field.