If sport makes Europe

4th September – h 17.30 Palazzo dei Convegni

Sport is a key element at emotional and social level, a multidimensional, dynamic, playful environment, suitable to intensify the awareness of oneself and one’s body; it is an educational and training tool and often a forerunner of social changes.

Main discussion topics that will be covered during the seminar are:

  • The identity value of sport, especially in nation building processes;
  • Why has the European Union never really invested in sport in terms of identity?
  • How could the European Union concretely create symbology,competitions and above all European teams?
  • The contribution of individual athletes to the construction of a European identity.

Fulvio Cammarano

University of Bologna Professor

Silvia Costa

European Parliament Member

Valentina Vezzali

Italian Fencing Federation

Nicola Sbetti

University of Bologna Professor

Stefano Cerioni

Fencing Italian Manager

Elisa Di Francisca

Fencing Olympic Champion