Sport and disability: going beyond barriers

7th September – h 18.00 Piazza Monnighette

The theme identified highlights how sport and physical activity generate and promote physical, psychological and relational benefits, offering people more opportunities for inclusion in the social context and the chance to get involved through their own talents.
The seminar will be realized through the format and experience of “Living Books”, an educational and social tool, effective in all situations where there are prejudices, stereotypes and social exclusion – a pedagogical method to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and fostering understanding.

Nico Coppari

Journalist CIP

Beatrice (Bebe) Vio

Fencing Paralympic Champion

Sabina Schiavoni

Mother of Paralympic Athlete and Fispes Regional Delegate

Francesca Kosinska

Swimming Paralympic Champion

Roberto Speziale

ANFFAS President

Romeo Iannone

Diving coach for disabled people