Sport and Economics: a “Perfect Duo”

5th September – h 17.30 Palazzo dei Convegni

The organization and realization of events, in particular of sports events, turn out to have a major importance both in social and economic terms.

With regard to the economic aspects, these are closely linked to different elements and factors:

  • reduction of costs for the health-care system; higher productivity that influences the country’s GPD;
  • development of specific economic sectors linked to sport (ICT, food & beverage, fashion and textiles, equipment, etc.).

It should also be noted that an element not yet fully investigated is the relationship between sport and tourism, also with regard to industries, commercial and craft, which tourism can promote.

Marco Cardinaletti

Eurocube CEO

Gian Luca Gregori

Univ. Politecnica delle Marche Pro rector

Patrizia Sopranzi

Regione Marche Manager

Andrea Cardinaletti

“Gabriele Cardinaletti” Foundation President

Maurizio Franzone

“Udinese Calcio” Marketing Manager

Daniele Crognaletti

ESITUR President