Main expected results

  • Strengthened cooperation between EU organization active in the field of sport focussing on the role of sport for promoting physical activities in young people and social inclusion;
  • Strengthened cooperation between sport organisations and federations at EU level in order to extend participation in sport and its accessibility;
  • Enhanced EU network promoting social inclusion of disabled people through sport;
  • Increased skills and competences of involved sport managers, coaches and trainers in organizing sport events at EU level;
  • Increased awareness of coaches, volunteers and trainers on the value of sport and physical activity in promoting health, well-being, cooperation and social inclusion for younger generations;
  • Increased skills and competences of young people (soft skills) improving their sense of solidarity, social interaction, team work and team spirit, fair play, and respect for rules and for others, as part of developing their social personality to the full;
  • Strengthened appreciation of young athletes towards the benefits of physical education, physical activity and sport;
  • Increased awareness of citizens on EU dimension of sport and on existing strategies supporting sport activity and social inclusion through sport;
  • Increased awareness of citizens and policy makers on the role of sport events as a development tool to foster local communities and social inclusion;
  • Increased awareness of policy makers at National and EU level on the impact of the sport on specific target groups (young people and disabled people);
  • Increased knowledge about innovative way to improve accessibility of sport for disabled people.