Project strategy intends to exploit the special role that sport can play for young people and people with disabilities as an important contribution to economic and social cohesion and more integrated societies, with the aim of spreading the concept of “integrated sport” among athletes and institutions. In this perspective, the proposal fosters the achievement of the “Not-for-Profit European event” priority “Social inclusion through sport”, in the framework of ERASMUS PLUS PROGRAMME 2014 – 2020. With this purpose in mind, EU.GIF aims at organizing and launching the International Fencing Games and developing parallel educational and informational activities to raise awareness of the value of sport and physical activity in promoting health, well-being and social and cultural inclusion for younger generations, among all the stakeholders involved.

Main objective of the project is to promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to, sport for all.

The specific objectives of the “EUropean Games of Integrated Fencing” project are:


  • To organize a major sport event of integrated fencing involving able-bodied and disabled young athletes coming from 13 European countries, who will compete in mixed teams to valorise the concept of integrated sport. The Games are an opportunity for young people to strengthen teamwork, communication and cooperation at European level, drawing attention to the positive impact that participation in a sport can have;
  • To support and encourage sport activity among young people and people with disabilities, helping to break down mental and physical barriers related to disability through the sharing of physical activities and opportunities to gather and socialize around the ethical and supportive values of sport;
  • To increase awareness and knowledge of athletes, coaches, organizers and managers in the sport field regarding the role of physical activity and sport in the lives of people with disabilities through educational seminars and initiatives with the aim of deepening the value of physical activity in terms of education, health, well-being, quality of life and social inclusion;
  • To strengthen European cooperation between institutions and organizations active in the field of sport and physical activity to improve the sharing of information and best practices and maximizing the potential of transfer of the main project outcomes, thus guaranteeing an effective impact on the target groups and the community of reference;

To increase the knowledge and awareness of policy makers, sports organizations, public bodies and institutions, social workers and the entire community about the role of sport in promoting social inclusion of people with disabilities, contributing to the development of European policies